Hani Eyelash Supply

King V2 Adhesive

$12.30 $15.00

King V2 Adhesive

$12.30 $15.00
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  • SKU: KKG1.7
  • Brand: Hani Eyelash Supply
  • Type:
  • Availability: In Stock

- Usage: Medium dry eyelash glue, connect all eyelash styles, classic and volume

- Liquid form: Liquid

- Color: Purple

- For professional and novice workers to practice skills faster (1.7 seconds dry). 

Mi Hani King Glue Ver2 in liquid, smooth and smooth form. The product supports the quicker, more skillful, and accurate operation of the eyelash worker. This super product deserves your priority to choose because of many rare plus points.

1. Product information

1.1 Origin

Mi Hani King Glue Ver2 is imported officially from Korea. The product is exclusively distributed by Hani Beauty Co., Ltd.
Glue is extracted from benign ingredients, manufactured using modern technology. As a result, the product achieved KC (Korea Certification) certification. This is one of the most prestigious Korean national quality standards today.

1.2 Highlights

The reason that King Glue Ver2 is loved by many lashers is that it has many excellent basic features such as:
Technical specifications
Packaging design: Plastic bottle, cylinder, purple screw cap. The packaging body is imprinted with the words Hani Lash and Brow and the logo of Hani Beauty - impressive eye image, easy to identify.
Texture: liquid, soft, light.
Capacity: 5ml.
Drying time: 1.5-1.7s.
If you are looking for super durable, safe eyelash extensions, King Glue Ver2 deserves to be the preferred choice. Thanks to the following table of superior ingredients, the product is currently preferred by 95% of lashes:


Ingredient Uses
80% Cyanoacrylate Ethyl-Cyanoacrylate Instant adhesion, quick-drying
Alkoxy-Cyanoacrylate An alkaline substance that is 8 times more expensive than the conventional type, has the effect of water supply, smooth moisturizing, and avoiding dry eyelashes.
Butyl-Cyanoacrylate Reinforce the connection between eyelashes.
Increase durability for eyelashes.
20% is the stable active ingredient Hydroquinone Prevent the eyelash glue from freezing, maintain the product's liquid, smooth, and light properties.
Carbon black Create natural blacks, increase the impression and truthfulness of the eyes.


King Glue Ver2 dry eyeliner has just been loved by many eyeliners because:
The product has the ability to immediately adhere to fake eyelashes with tight eyelashes.
Gluesy, lightweight, facilitating quick, precise, and skillful manipulation by eyeliner.
Reinforce the firmness of the lashes while still ensuring the lashes are soft and natural as desired.
The adhesive is medium-dry, about 1.5s-1.7s.
Super durable, maintain eyelash extension time from 6-8 weeks.
King Glue Ver2 will not let you down by:
The glue is not spicy, the ingredient is benign, and it is odorless. So especially safe, suitable for all types of customers.
The product is compact, possesses a beautiful design, has a liquid glue, is light and smooth, very convenient for eyelashes to manipulate.
Capable of saving time on eyelash extensions, assisting eyelash technicians to improve their visual skills.
Does not harm the skin, does not affect eyesight.

2. Usage

For King Glue Ver2 to work best, you should use the following instructions:
Shake the glue well 30-60 times to avoid the deposition of nutrients in the glue at the bottom of the bottle.
Put 1-2 drops of enough glue into the glue ring.
Use tweezers to pick up each eyelash, dot 1/3 of the fiber into the glue.
Put fake eyelashes connected to the legs of real eyelashes, at least from 0.5 to 1mm from the foot.
Cap tighten glue, store properly after eyelash extensions are completed.

3. Instructions for storage

To avoid drying, degeneration, you should store the glue as follows:
Store in an environment with 35-65% humidity.
The suitable temperature is 20-28 degrees Celsius. You can keep it in the cooler of the refrigerator (not in the freezer).
Storing the glue in an aluminum bag containing the moisture-resistant particle maintains the quality for a longer time.

4. Frequently asked questions

Who is suitable for Mi Hani Kingglue Ver2?
Mi Hani King Glue Ver2 is suitable for skilled eyeliner from average to pretty. The product will help you improve your skills, increase dexterity, and significantly faster speed.
How long does King Glue Ver2 last since opening?
Mi Hani King Glue Ver2 has the best quality in about 2 months since opening.
What to note when using the product?
Adhesive containing Carbon Black can cause itching in Carbon allergic clients. So, in this case, you can use a clear eyelash extension instead.
Also, don't forget to connect with us if you need any further assistance!


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