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Hani Beauty is a leading beauty retailer and wholesaler. We also sell imported cosmetics in Korea, Japan, and Thailand.

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We pride ourselves on offering the best prices, the most diverse selection and the best customer service. During the past decade, we have committed to innovation in the field of BEAUTY COSMETICS.

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If you are looking for professional extension tools and accessories, come to Hani Lash & Brows. This is not only a prestigious beauty center, quality training, but also a stable supply of goods. It meets maximally the needs of brothers and sisters in beauty profession.

Accordingly, Hani Center specializes in supplying and retailing high-end - modern eyelash extensions. Product has clear origin, qualified to be exported to Korea, Japan, the US,... These are "difficult" markets that require the highest quality product.


In addition, the center operates on the motto of prestige - quality with commitments:

  • Ensuring the best product quality on the market
  • Regularly updating new trends to provide customers with the best products
  • Fast delivery, correct sample, full range of items according to customer orders
  • Warranty and return if found fault of manufacturer

Our quality tools will effectively support you in beauty process. In fact, even if you do not know anything about beauty industry, you will quickly become quite skilled. This is achieved through training and tools that fit with current skill.

Products that are currently available

It is not difficult to recognize in the market today there are many places that provide tools and accessories for eyelash extensions. However, few centers bring quality products with strict warranty like Hani. Coming here, you will unleash your choice and receive the most accurate advice.

This again helps you to choose a durable - quality - economical tool that avoids wastage effectively. Therefore, the name of the center is increasingly popular and known to many people. Accordingly, Hani Lash & Brows Center is currently providing the following products:

Provision of eyelash extension glue

Eyelash extension glues are known to be an important tool in eyelash extension process. Accordingly, the fake eyelashes are attached to the real eyelashes to help curl, long and thick lashes. Hani Center offers products tailored to the skills of each learner, specifically:

  • Double Fast Glue dries quickly from 1s to 2s, suitable for cold climate, cool area, snowfall with low humidity, dry 20 to 45%, durability 6 to 8 weeks, longtime workers should use. The glue that Hani loves because of its thin, high strength, smooth, thin glue feet, used when the amount of glue has been controlled.
  • King Glue Ver 2.0: Suitable for new or professional workmanship, cool, dry climate from 1.5s to 2s, durability 5 to 07 weeks, humidity 45 to 65%.
  • Diamond Bond: Suitable for pre-made fans, new or professional skills for cool areas, humidity 45 to 65%, durable 5 to 07 weeks, dry from 2 seconds to 3s, using this glue will not be Large, completely hypoallergenic, used when the amount of glue cannot be controlled
  • King Glue Ver 1.0: Suitable for hot regions, novice or professional, humidity 55 to 70%, durable from 04 to 6 weeks, dry time from 3s to 3.5s.

Provision of 10 quality tweezers

In addition, the center also provides 10 quality tweezers. Each product has its own characteristics to help those who are shaking hands, begin to master profession quickly. Moreover, the weight of the tweezers is less than 20g so it is easy to hold, does not put pressure on the carpal tunnel.

  • Tweezers L45: Specialized in volume extensions from 2D to 4D for shaking hands, professional workers.
  • Tweezers L75: Specialized in volume extensions from 2D to above 4D, professional technician.
  • Daisy Tweezers: Specialized in Volume extensions from 2D to 4D, Classic eyelash extensions, good eyelash separation, suitable for trembling hands, professional workers.
  • Dumont Tweezers: Suitable for professional workers and specialized in the Classic eyelash technique.
  • Lavender Tweezers: The line of tweezers separates eyelashes, removes the eyelashes for those with shaking hands and professionalism.
  • Volume Diamond Tweezers: Used in Mega Volume, Volume over 4D extensions, extensions have been for a long time, but the skill is not hard to use, professional workers are also very suitable.
  • Divine Volume Tweezers: Used for Volume over 4D, Volume 2D to 4D techniques, professional technicians.
  • Original separating tweezers: Classic separators or extensions can be used for professional skilled workers.
  • Camellia Tweezers: Used to remove the eyelashes suitable for shaking hands and professionals.
  • Violet Tweezers: There is a measure on the body of the tweezers that can be removed, separated from the eyelashes, and connected to the volume from 2D to 3D. This product is suitable for both shaking hands and the professionals.

Provision of different types of eyelashes

In addition, Hani Lash & Brows Center also offers black eyelashes, good glue, does not cause allergies. Therefore, we give you a great support in the process of beautifying customers and improving connection speed, specifically:

  • Iric eyelashes.
  • Double Fast Lashes.
  • Ombre eyelashes.
  • Variety of made eyelashes.

Other specialized tools used in eyelash industry

  • Glue shaker
  • Moisture meter
  • Silicon
  • Eyelash-stop-stone
  • Glue stoppers
  • Mirror Ruby eyelashes
  • Glue box
  • Eyelash cleaning solutions: Lash Primer, Flash Lash Cleanser
  • Eyelash removal gel, eyelash gel
  • Gel pad,…

Contact information to order modern, professional eyelash extension tools and accessories of Hani

Accordingly, you can order according to the following 04 forms:

  • Comment or inbox at Fan page: Modern - Professional eyelash extension tools and accessories of Hani
  • Direct order at: No.161 Hoa Lan, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District
  • Order at website: https://hanibeautytools.com
  • Order from Shopee : https://shopee.vn/dungcunoimihani