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Daisy Eyelash Extension Tweezers

$24.30 $26.00

Daisy Eyelash Extension Tweezers

$24.30 $26.00
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These Classic Eyelash Tweezers not only specialize in classic eyelash extensions but can also separate eyelashes, so they will help the eyelash extensions quickly and accurately. High elastic, pointy Classic Daisy eyelash tweezers.

The Classic Daisy eyelash tweezers are available weighing less than 20g. The product has sharp, pointed tweezers, creating conditions for more convenient eyelash removal. This option helps the eyelash worker quickly put on his hands, easily creating a soft, natural, and full set of lashes.

1. Product information

1.1 Origin

Eyelash Extension Tweezers Classic Daisy is imported from the Middle East officially. Products are handcrafted from the skillful hands of experienced craftsmen.
Tools are currently exclusively distributed by Hani Beauty in Vietnam and delivered in many other countries around the globe.

1.2 Highlights

Classic Daisy super standard eyelash tweezers will not disappoint you because:
Basic specifications / characteristics
Design: The tweezers are bright yellow, the surface is carefully treated, anti-dust, excellent scratch resistance. Tweezers body with stylized letters Hani Lash and Brow and impressive eye logo, easy to recognize.
Tweezers: The tweezers are curved, with a moderate slope, the tweezers are tight, keeping the eyelash effectively.
Other features: Tweezers bearing good force, say no with warping, deformation. The product is rich in aesthetics, reinforces its class, and is a symbol of success and peak success.
Materials: Stainless steel.
The Classic Daisy Eyelash Tweezers help your lash maker pickup, dip the eyelash into the glue and connect with it easily.
The product holds and fixes the eyelash accurately, helping you to operate more conveniently.
Helps the process of connecting eyelashes quickly, creating thick, soft, and natural lashes.
Avoid the phenomenon of eyelashes being tangled, sticking together, making the eyelashes less eye-catching.
Tweezers are handcrafted from Middle Eastern workers, ensuring sophistication and precision.
Products with good bearing capacity, say no to rust, dust, beautiful design, class.
Sharp tweezers, fast separation of eyelashes, support more speed manipulation.

2. Usage

Hold the tweezers firmly, relaxed posture. Make sure that the tweezers are tight, balanced for easy removal of eyelashes.
Use three fingers to hold the tweezers. Specifically, the index finger and thumb hold the tweezers. Use your middle and ring fingers to adjust the tweezers.
Take care to position the appropriate distance from the tip of the tweezers to ensure easy operation.
Clean tweezers properly after using.

3. Instructions for storage

For long-lasting eyelash tweezers, to avoid being skewed, difficult to manipulate, you should note:
Use the specialized towel/cotton swab after finishing extensions.
Avoid the tweezers in contact with water, humid environment causing rust.
Put the tweezers in the protective tray neatly, avoiding strong impact, bending, and damage to them.

4. Frequently asked questions

Who are Classic Daisy eyelash extensions for?
Eyelash Extension Tweezers Classic Daisy is suitable for all eyelashes.
What type of eyelashes does Classic Daisy use?
This is a great choice when you get the one-by-one extension. Thanks to that, the eyelashes can easily be separated, quickly attached to the lashes. This line brings out the eyelashes that are very natural and realistic.
In addition, Hani Beauty is providing a wide range of standard specialized tweezers. Please connect with us for even better support today!

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